The Big Idea


When people ask what I do for a living, I often tell them I’m a writer. It’s the simplest explanation. I’m a former journalist who now works in the corporate world of speechwriting, branded content, and advertising.

But in truth, what I really do is help companies conceptualize and express big ideas: on screen in anthem videos; in various print/digital media through branded content, consumer ads, or internal communications; and in person through speechwriting at corporate conferences and sales meetings. After all, the primary function of writing is the expression and communication of ideas.

How does one conceptualize and communicate a big idea? Well, in my opinion, the effective expression of a big idea has three essential components:

• Meaningful Impact
• Authentic Voice
• Unique Position/Perspective

From concept to copy, I work with corporate executives and advertising firms to define the big idea through an exploration of the company’s Meaningful Impact. Whether it’s a progressive lens that helps someone read in bed at night or a genome sequencer that enables breakthrough cancer research, the meaningful impact is a succinct expression of how the big idea improves people’s lives.

I then do extensive research to understand the core values and business strategy of a company to create an Authentic Voice, carefully crafted for the intended audience.

Finally, I use this Authentic Voice to explain the Meaningful Impact of a big idea from a Unique Position/Perspective. This is the angle of attack (aka the “disruptive thought”)—positioning that provokes a question in the audience’s mind that is answered by the meaningful impact of the idea itself. In many cases, the question is the need in the marketplace and the answer is how the company fulfills this need.

With this framework, a big idea can be compressed into the simple slogan of an ad campaign or expanded into a complex narrative that built on the audience’s conscious/subconscious motivations. Intrigued? To find out more, shoot me an email. Let’s chat.