Speechwriting is the art of inspiring and influencing audiences with a powerful narrative. I’ve crafted speeches for corporate executives throughout the world to communicate big ideas, deliver business strategy, and empower employees to succeed.

The speechwriting process begins with discovery sessions to understand the full breadth and scope of the objectives behind the speech. Working backward from the objectives, I collaborate with the speaker to compose a multifaceted purpose-driven narrative that’s meaningful to the audience.

In essence, every speech is a dialectical argument in narrative form. You set the mood, tone, and foundation for your speech from a Unique Proposition/Perspective (see The Big Idea for more on this). From this vantage point, you lead the audience through a narrative to the first definitive statement, the second, the third, building in momentum until you deliver an emotional conclusion that links A, B, C, etc. in an impactful way that provokes, excites, and engages the audience’s hearts and minds.

Once the narrative is scripted into a formal draft, I coach the speaker through multiple rehearsals while refining the speech to make sure it’s natural and authentic.