Brand of Brothers: Wahlburgers Officially Opens in The Fenway

There’s a new juicy contender in the battle of the best Boston burger here in The Fenway. The legendary Wahlbergs opened their latest Wahlburgers restaurant in the neighborhood earlier his month. The expansive burger joint at 132 Brookline Ave comes complete with an outdoor patio, full bar and signature favorites on the menu including the tasty Originally From Dorchester (O.F.D.) burger, sweet potato tater tots and whatever-makes-you-happy toppings.

The Wahlbergs have been rapidly building a burger empire with locations in Florida, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania and even Toronto as documented on the A&E show “Wahlburgers.”

Chef Paul Wahlberg, who owns Wahlburgers with his famous brothers Mark and Donnie, has been busy with The Fenway restaurant opening and making sure it is camera-perfect for its inevitable spotlight on the A&E show. He sat down with us to talk about cooking the perfect burger, family values straight out of Dorchester and his excitement about opening a restaurant a pop-fly away from Fenway Park.

Q: So, Wahlburgers is now open in The Fenway. You are a native son of Boston. Why’d you decide to open up shop in the neighborhood?

The Fenway is just an amazing location. Growing up as a kid, that’s where things happened. I waited out overnight in ‘86 for tickets to the World Series. I remember going to opening day with my brother Donnie. Being a true Red Sox fan, it’s the place to be for us. With the rejuvenation of the neighborhood, it’s really amazing what’s going on.

Q: What was it like growing up in Dorchester? Do you go back there often?

There was never a dull moment growing up in Dorchester. We absolutely had our struggles. But you think about the connection with the city and being part of the city…lots of people say ‘oh I’m from Boston,’ but really it’s the suburbs. We are from Dorchester. We are from Boston. This is who we are.

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